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A Foreign Affair – Meet Beautiful Filipinas Online

If you’re looking for a Philippines wife or girlfriend then you might come across A Foreign Affair. This is a USA based company that operates a number of different international dating sites aimed at men seeking mail order brides. The company operates a large number of websites which are branded with A Foreign Affair, AFA or LoveMe. They also run, another popular and long established mail order brides themed website.

Some of the sites are rather confusing in that they are aimed at men seeking Chinese or Filipina brides but you’ll end up venturing into pages and pages about Russian and Ukrainian brides. Eastern Europe is AFA’s core market so they have a lot of information about Russian brides on their sites. If you’re not 100% sure you want a Pinay bride then you can have a good browse of their site and see if the ladies from a particular country catch your eye. Foreign Ladies was certainly the site that got me started looking for an Asian wife of my own.

LoveMe’s Filipina Mail Order Brides

Assuming that you can navigate past the numerous Ukrainian and Russian girls, then you’ll find that A Foreign Affair have quite a substantial Asian brides business. They focus mainly on the Chinese and Philippines dating scene, strangely they’re not very active in the market for Thai brides.

The AFA site has a good number of Philippines ladies on it. Actually, it has more than a good number – there are thousands of girls on the site. So let’s have a breakdown of the numbers…

At the time of writing, AFA advertised there being 10,680 Pinay ladies on the site. Of these ladies, 3703 were from Cebu and 6658 from Davao. These two islands are your main choice when using AFA’s Philippines dating services. The company has offices in both Davao City and Cebu City, and it also arranges romance tours centred on these two major cities.

As far as age range goes, the Filipinas listed with AFA have an age range of between 18 and 63. I could only find 24 Davao ladies over the age of 54. The majority of ladies are young girls really, with 42 18 year olds from Davao being listed, but only one 64 year old.

The AFA/LoveMe/ForeignLadies dating sites have a wonderous selection of hot Pinays for you to look at

The AFA/LoveMe/ForeignLadies dating sites have a wonderous selection of hot Pinays for you to look at

If you want to know the best age difference to go for then I’m pretty happy with the half man age plus seven years rule. This has served me well for meeting Chinese ladies. However, you can stretch things a little, or more than a little when it comes to Filipina dating. The simple truth is that men seeking Filipina brides are less numerous than Filipinas seeking Western (particularly American and Canadian) husbands. On the downside, there are plenty of stories of younger girls leaving their older husbands once they get to the USA, and in particular girls under the age of 26 are much more likely to be scammers or dishonest.

There is a good range of Pinays on the AFA/LoveMe site. You’ll have no problems finding the Filipina lady of your dreams on it.

The LoveMe search engine is pretty good so you can narrow down your selection somewhat. My tip is to open each lady’s profile in a new browser tab.

To cut down the overwhelming choice of ladies you might be interested, it’s a good idea to use a shortlisting scheme. One first thing to do is to decide whether you want to visit ladies in Cebu or Davao. Davao has a bigger choice of ladies. If I had to choose between Davao City and Cebu City babes I’d say the Davao girls have the slight advantage when it comes to looks. On the downside, Davao is slightly less safe to visit, so visit your country’s foreign travel advisory service and make sure you’re happy with the risks before you start falling in love with Davao City girls.

Of course, you can put in an age range, and if you want to find a lady of a particular height then you can do this as well. From all the couples I see walking on the street I’d say that your ideal wife is normally 2-3 inches shorter than you. Just bear in mind that tall Pinays aren’t so common as the petite girls.

Another thing to bear in mind is that not all Filipinas speak or write good English, so if you want to make things easier for yourself then why not restrict your searching to the girls with excellent or good English ability. These girls will also usually find it easier to integrate into society once you’ve married her and brought her back to your own country.

There are also options for searching for smokers/non-smokers and drinkers/non-drinkers. You’ll generally find that good Asian girls neither drink nor smoke.

One thing to bear in mind is that the majority of the ladies on the LoveMe/AFA/Foreign Ladies dating sites have airbrushed photos in their profile. Yes they will look good in real life, but not that good! If a lady catches your eye then insist on seeing natural photos of her before you fall too deeply in love. A webcam session will also show much more what the lady looks like in real life, as well as what her voice is like.

Costs of Using AFA’s Pinay Dating Sites

AFA's sites are quite expensive, and on top of that visiting the Philippines isn't exactly cheap if you live in the USA, Canada or Western Europe

AFA's sites are quite expensive, and on top of that visiting the Philippines isn't exactly cheap if you live in the USA, Canada or Western Europe

One issue with the AFA/LoveMe dating sites is that they’re quite expensive. There are a range of options for paying for the services. In general the sites are free to join and browse the personals, but you need to pay to contact the female members.

If you want to make contact with particular ladies you’ve seen on an AFA site then there are two options. You can request her email address, or write her a letter. You have to pay for each lady’s email address you request. The more you request, the less you pay for each address. This is probably the cheapest way of using AFA’s dating sites. Of course, there’s no guarantee that a lady will have an email address. Older ladies in particular don’t tend to be as computer literate as the younger women.

Otherwise, there’s the option of sending a lady a letter, and this can be done via the website. While this service is efficient, expect to pay a lot of money to conduct relationships using the letter writing system.

A good cash saving tip I’ve picked up with AFA is that if you see a lady you like on the site, then take a look at and see if she’s on there as well. It’s often cheaper to talk to the ladies on the ForeignLadies site rather than the LoveMe or AFA site.

Romance Tours

Online dating is OK, but it’s no substitute for meeting ladies in person. If you’re paranoid about scammers, or are too busy to be bothered with online dating, then romance tours are another option.

Want to visit beautiful Pinays in Davao City or Cebu? There are regular flights to the Philippines from Hong Kong's stunning international airport

Want to visit beautiful Pinays in Davao City or Cebu? There are regular flights to the Philippines from Hong Kong's stunning international airport

A Foreign Affair run occasional romance tours to the Philippines. Take part in one of these tour and you can meet a dozen of Filipina ladies in person. Tours are run of both Davao City on the island of Mindano, as well as Cebu City on the island of Cebu. Cebu City is perhaps the most Westerner friendly of the cities in the Philippines, and it would be my preferred choice of venue for taking part on a Philippines singles tour.

Are the romance tours worthwhile? I was considering going on one of the trips myself. I like the idea that you can meet many ladies at once. This is a good way of finding out what type of Asian lady would most suit you. Of course there’s always the chance of finding love on the singles tour, but this is a bit hit and miss. Given that I’d already visited a lady in Asia before, I was happy to book another trip by myself. This was much cheaper than taking part on the LoveMe romance tour.

One other thing that men like about AFA is the extra support they offer you. Support is generally responsive, if a little slow (at least when I contacted them).

So there are some nice ladies on the AFA/LoveMe sites. The snag is that it’s quite expensive to write to them. If I was seeking a Filipina mail order bride I would be seriously thinking about going on the Davao or Cebu romance tour. This saves the time and effort of writing to dozens of ladies who may or may not look like their profile photos in person. It’s also a great way to cut out the majority of the romance scammers. But whatever way you choose to find a Filipina bride, it’s worth taking a few hours or days to look at the many girls’ profiles on the LoveMe site in order to give yourself a better idea of the type of Filipina that you want to look for in a marriage partner.

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