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Filipina Heart

Filipina Heart is arguably the biggest Philippines dating site. The site claims to have over 1.5 million members. What’s more, there’s said to be two ladies for every man who is a member of the site. If you’re a guy seeking a bride from the Philippines then those are very good odds!

Filipina Heart is one of the many Asian dating websites operated by Australian company Cupid Media. The site runs a number of very popular sites including Chinese Cupid, Japan Cupid and Thai Love Links. Filipina Heart is now more commonly known as Filipino Cupid. Always take care when you’re choosing a dating site. Some sites have similar sounding domain names, and it’s all too easy to sign up for a scam website while mistaking it for the genuine site.

Cupid Media have spent a lot of time and money on their sites, and it shows. Filipina Heart is slick and professional. By contrast, smaller sites like Filipino Kisses look like they were designed by, well, a non designer at least.

The Filipina Heart Cupid site makes it really easy to sign up and get searching for your dream Filipino bride. You can fill out some of your details immediately, then go back and flesh out the more detailed parts of your profile later. It’s worth being as thorough as you can on this. Ladies are more likely to be interested in men who have taken a bit of effort in filling out their profile. And if you upload five photos of yourself then you’ll generate a lot of interest. The girls who are serious about finding husbands do actually read your profiles, and if they find something you both have in common then they’ll be more likely to contact you. Yes there are a lot of ladies on Filipina Heart, but there is still competition for the very best ladies.

Filipina Heart is a great place to find Filipinas living in Hong Kong and other major international cities

Filipina Heart is a great place to find Filipinas living in Hong Kong and other major international cities

As stated previously, the major benefit of using Filipina Hearts is its huge membership base. You can find tens of thousands of Filipinas in Philippines cities like Cebu, Manila and Quezon. It’s also possible to find Filipinas in Hong Kong, Dubai and the other major international cities. You might even be able to find a few Filipinas in your local area, whether you live in America, Canada, Europe or Australia. Even if you’re not sure they’re a good match for you, it’s a good place to find penpals and friends that could assist you in your search for a Filipino bride.

Another nice feature is that the site offers a basic matchmaking facility. Fill out as much of your profile as you can, and you’ll be shown ladies who you might be interested. Keep checking the My Matches screen for new ladies who you might like to send interests to.

If you think a Filipina girl is what’s missing in your life, then it’s well worth upgrading to Gold or Platinum membership. Many guys don’t bother to do this, but if you spend a little cash then you’ll be swamped with admirers! It’s good for the ego, and dating is by and large a confidence thing. Just don’t get carried away and fly off to meet the first girl who contacts you. It’s also a good idea to have a rough idea of the type of girl who would interest you the most.

Filipina Heart Scam Ladies

Ladies can sign up to Filipino Cupid for free. Once they do this, they can log in and get emailing guys straight away. Sites that offer free membership to ladies are always popular with scammers. So take care who you talk to on this site. Personally I always set my online status to offline and I don’t bother with the chat facility on the site. Girls who want to chat with you are seldom girls you’d be interested in, either because of their age or their location.

The golden rule on the site is never to get involved with sending money to a girl you meet on the site. Good and decent Filipinas will never ask for money, and they won’t expect you to send them money. I sent money to an Asian girl once and I did regret doing it. So I never send girls money. This hasn’t affected my chances of finding an Asian wife, and you know what? I’ve never been scammed.

Spend a couple of months on Filipina Heart and you’ll soon get to recognize the tell tale signs of the romance scammers. They usually use the same tricks and stories, so after a while you’ll spot them straight away. Don’t be too paranoid either. There are plenty of lovely girls on the Cupid dating sites. What I particularly like about sites like Filipina Heart and Chinese Cupid is that there are large numbers of intelligent and well educated girls on these sites. You might be surprised how far Asian dating has moved beyond the poor and uneducated mail order brides of times gone past.

Alternatives to FilipinaHeart

So what are the alternatives to Filipina Heart? Here are three other sites worth considering:

One thing that you need to be reasonably sure of if you sign up for a paid subscription to Filipina Heart is that you’re 100% sure you want a Filipino bride. If you’re not dead certain that the Philippines is the best country for you to find love, then it might be better signing up to a site with ladies from a range of different Asian countries. A site worth looking at is This site is also managed by Cupid Media. It looks and feels identical to Filipina Heart, but there are ladies from a much wider range of countries. Filipinas are of course pretty numerous on AsianDating, and there are also plenty of Thai and Chinese ladies.

Cherry Blossoms is another site popular with Filipinas seeking foreign husbands

Cherry Blossoms is another site popular with Filipinas seeking foreign husbands

Another site where you can meet Filipina girls is Cherry Blossoms. This site has one of the most competitive membership fees of any Asian dating website. Like AsiaDating, it’s also a site where you can find other Asian ladies, particularly Thai and Chinese girls. Philippines girls are particularly numerous on Blossoms. Again, be a little wary of who you talk to as Blossoms is a favorite place for romance scammers to meet their victims. One nice feature is that the site does show you which country the girl might be using a computer in. It’s not always foolproof, but if the girl says she’s in the Philippines and her computer IP address says Nigeria or Ghana, then run a mile!

One thing I don’t like about some Asian dating websites is that they make it seem as if Asian girls looking for Western husbands are a rare commodity. In fact, the opposite is true – there are hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of Asian women seeking foreign husbands. Consequently, you should question whether its worth paying for an Asian dating site at all. If you’re interested in dating Filipinas for free, then DateInAsia is worth a look. Yes this site is 100% free. On the downside, features are pretty limited and you don’t get many search options. It’s also worth bearing in mind that this site is full of dodgy girls and yes on this site I’ve encountered hookers and assorted weirdos. But if you take care about who you make contact with, then you can meet Asian girls here and not have to pay anything at all for the privilege.

So Filipina Heart has a lot going for it. Good features are the fact that the search engine has a multitude of options, and that you can use the various lists to keep track of your favorite Filipino girls. For Filipino dating, Filipina Heart is hard to beat.

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