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Filipina Wives – Are They YOUR Best Choice of Asian Bride?

If you’re at all like me then you might be confused about the whole finding a bride from Asia thing. One of the first decisions is where to find an Asian bride from. There are a lot of countries in Asia, so you have a lot of options.

Although men often choose their Asian bride’s country mainly on the looks of the women from this country, is this a good thing? While looks are important, it’s also important to consider the hopes and aspirations of the ladies from each particular country. Personality is also a big thing, and if you don’t marry a lady with the personality that’s right for you, then you might be in for a rough ride…

So when you’re choosing an Asian bride, then make sure you have enough information to make an informed choice. To help you understand which Asian lady is best for you, then why not take a look at this useful free novelty Asian Wife Finder tool?

The tool allows you to input various options about you and your dream Asian bride. It will then suggest which countries where you might like to look for an Asian bride. Twelve Asian countries and territories are included, which are (in no particular order):

  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Laos
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • South Korea

So if you’re considering finding an Asian bride but you’re not totally sure where you’d like to visit in order to find one, then this tool might give you some ideas.

My Own Results

I ran this tool and China came out top. This isn’t surprising since I am currently looking for a Chinese wife! The Philippines came quite far down on the list for me. My Filipina friend is always asking me if I know I’m missing out on some Filipina beauty!

If you’re considering a Philippines bride, then you might also be thinking about Thai ladies as well. It’s more difficult to decide between Thai and Filipino ladies, so maybe this tool will help you.

One thing it might help you greatly with is showing you if you may be suitable for finding a Chinese bride. In my experience (and many other mens’ experience), Chinese ladies are a lot different to Thai and Filipina women. For this reason, a lot of American men come unstuck in their
marriages to Chinese women, simply because they’re really not suited to the Chinese personality type.

So if you want to see what your own selections bring you in terms of Asian wife suggestions, then give the free Asian Wife Finder tool a test today.

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