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Dealing With Filipina Scammers and Romance Scams

If you’re going to look for a Filipina girlfriend or wife, then you need to be aware of Filipina scammers.

Sadly, romance scammers roam all dating sites these days looking for lonely, vulnerable victims.

Both men and women are targeted. If you’re a guy looking to chat with younger Asian women, then you’ll often be a target for these scams.

So how do you avoid the scams and scammers on Filipina dating sites?

Here’s some information about:

And there’s also a bit about my own scammer experiences.

Filipina Scammers

Filipina scammers are quite common on dating sites. In fact, they’re incredibly numerous.

Life is hard for many Filipino people, and getting gullible men to send money to the Philippines is a decent way to make a living.

Asian internet cafes are popular places for girls to chat to Western men online

Asian internet cafes are popular places for girls to chat to Western men online

Many people in the Philippines survive on less than $5 a day. I’ve dated Asian women who earn less than $10 a day. So if a Filipina can find five American men to mail her $75 a month then her life will be transformed.

Now I’ve got no particular sympathy for anyone who sends off thousands of dollars to a girl they’ve never met. Throw your money around and you’ll attract gold diggers galore. That’s just the same whether you want to date American, Russian or Asian women.

Men often fear scammers on dating sites. Yet they’re incredibly easy to avoid. If you don’t send money to a scammer, you won’t lose any money. Simple as that.

Beyond this, you can cut your risks down by:

  • Picking the women you want to chat to and not replying to emails from girls who contact you directly.
  • Only looking for women who are 30 and above.
  • Chatting to a lot of Asian women, so you begin to understand how to spot the really nice women.

Typical Filipina Scams

Some scams and untruths to be on the lookout for include:

  • Being asked for money. These are simple to avoid really. If a girl asks for money, stop talking to her.
  • Being told lots of sad stories, and how the family needs money for house repairs, schooling, medical emergencies. These are meant to tug at your heart strings, and this is the slippery slope to sending a girl money.
  • Plenty of girls will be chatting to many men simultaneously. This is just a fact of life, and unless you’ve visited a girl in person, then it’s unfair on her for you to consider her as yours. What I will say is that it’s best to be wary of girls who chat to men on dating sites all day and night. This is likely to indicate that they could be making a living from the site. These girls are also quite easy to spot because they’ll forget what they’ve told you, and they’ll get their facts mixed up. I’ve done this myself by trying to talk to four Asian women simultaneously. I got found out – the human brain can’t deal with the complexity of the situation.
  • Identity theft happens on dating sites, so be careful with giving anyone all your personal details.
  • One common ploy scammers use is to get you to chat on another website. Sometimes they’ll be acting as affiliates of that site, and they make a few dollars for signing you up. Girls acting as agents of sexy webcam chat sites are incredibly common.
  • Ladyboys are common in Thailand and the Philippines. Ladyboy dating is becoming more popular, and a ladyboy girlfriend is desired by many men. However, they’re obviously a distraction if you only like true women. Sadly, many Filipino ladyboys aren’t so open about their circumstances. Make sure you know how to avoid being tricked by a ladyboy.

Not all Filipinas are open about having kids from a previous relationship.

You’ll find that Filipinas frequently lie about their age, height, weight and other things. But it’s unfair to single out Filipinas for this. It happens on pretty much all dating sites and you’ll find much the same thing whether you date Asian, American, European or Australian women!

The good news is that there’s really nothing new under the sun. Most Filipinas use the same stories and techniques to look for victims. They often sit together in the same internet cafes telling Western dudes the same sad stories. After 2-3 months on a typical Asian chat site you’ll have pretty much been told every scam story there is.

My Own Scammer Experiences

I’ve been looking for an Asian wife for around three years. I’ve used a variety of dating sites.

I’ve not had too much problem with scammers. Here’s how I avoid them:

  • I’m still in my 30’s, and scammers tend to target men in their 50’s and 60’s. If you’re 55 and American, then you will be a gigantic target for scammers.
  • I’m looking for a Chinese wife. Asian romance scammers are far more likely to be Thai or Filipina, thankfully Chinese women aren’t quite so likely to be scammers. Filipinas in particular are far more likely to be able to speak and write English, and this is a big advantage when it comes to attempting romance scams.
  • I stay away from free dating sites – these have neither the employees or the technological solutions to spot and ban the scammers.
  • On dating sites like Filipino Cupid I block my online status so that women can’t start chat sessions with me.
  • I don’t often reply to women who send me emails if they’re outside of my age range or they don’t live in a location I want to visit.
  • I don’t talk to any Asian women who don’t live in Asia. In particular, I never talk to Asian women claiming that they just happen to be living in Africa or the Middle East.

African Romance Scammers Want Your Money!

African scammers? On Philippines dating sites?

A particular hazard with online dating are African men looking for scam victims. Online scams from Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal – I’ve been getting these emails for years.

Now African scammers have found an easier way to find victims – through online dating sites.

They target just about every dating site out there. The only sites you’re unlikely to see African romance scammers on are the sites where the ladies are added by Asian marriage agencies (e.g. Asian Beauties, LoveMe and Chnlove).

Personally I know two Chinese women who have been approached by African and Middle Eastern scammers on Chinese Love Links. Here’s the story.

I don’t know if these scammers target men, but since men are more likely to pay for membership of Asian dating sites, it’s very likely that they will.

African scammers are usually living in Africa. So the easiest way to avoid them is to not talk to anyone claiming to be living in Africa or the Middle East. And since they usually steal photos of other people and put them on their dating profile, they’re easy to identify. Just ask to see them on webcam. If they refuse, choose another girl to chat to.

Of course, there are generally more Filipinas living and working overseas than there are Thai or Chinese overseas workers. For example there are many Filipina girls in Dubai. By all means date these girls. But if you’re not actually living in somewhere like Dubai, then give them a miss.

So scammers are a fact of life if you’re intending to look for a girl in the Philippines. But don’t let the scare stories put you off looking for a foreign wife. There are plenty of decent women in the Philippines who will make fantastic wives for Western guys. But finding them will take some time and effort, as would finding a bride from your local area.

If you’ve had any problems with scammers on Philippines dating sites then feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

19 Responses to “Dealing With Filipina Scammers and Romance Scams”

  1. PanLover says:

    RE: Filipina scams

    I should make it clear firstly that I intentionally sought out Asian “ladyboys” and was unconcerned about their authentic “femaleness”. After using a certain ladyboy site that mostly had Filipinas intensely for about 3 days and nights, I noticed a trend and realized what was happening. All of them, typical in the Phillipines, were using internet cafes with similiar types standing around them that seemed to be watching or friends. Secondly, the site somehow allowed yahoo messenger, and only yahoo messenger, i.d.’s to be placed in their usernames. Thirdly, they used the same specific words like “lunch” (never breakfast or dinner, regardless the time of day) and phrasing. And the single one clue was always the same: they wanted to see *you* on yahoo video, and only yahoo video; not msn or Skype. If you don’t start your own yahoo video feed, they would really try to talk you into it (a 20-something needs to see *your* middle-aged beauty?) and when finding you won’t start it, quickly make an excuse that they must go immediately and always reference “lunch” as the excuse. I knew years ago Yahoo Messenger had easy cracks to see someone’s harddrive. Now I realize they are looking for credit card info and the like on your computer but must get you to start your video feed first. (Luckily I had a new laptop with no such information.) I’m sorry to report that I think financial gain is the sole motivation of nearly everyone on these sites. Of course, the mass poverty and culture of the Philippines should be taken into account before judging too harshly. But this is basically organized crime. I think they run in packs, probably overseen by underworld types. This is not a way to find love, or even sex guys.

  2. Chris says:

    You didn’t mention the farang scammer as well. Guys posing as Filipino girls and scamming money out of you, happens a lot!
    Great site BTW!

    • admin says:

      Yeah – farang scammers are a big problem. On the site I run (AsianLoveConnections) I see far more male scammers than female. The sad thing is that Asian women are often quite naive, and it’s sad to see men take advantage of women like this.

  3. Patricia Lee says:

    Normally scammers are men and mostly african in my experience.
    Some girls from Philippines are asking for money but in my point of view they are far more pushed by extreme economic need than criminal behiaviour.
    Thanks Admin this site is great.

  4. Billy Bhoy says:

    ^ @Patricia Lee – Are you serious? What websites did you use and how long have you been at it? I’ve been chatting Filipinas from dating sites for 5-6 years and I have to say the vast majority of them are liars at best and scammers at worst. No way are there more African men scammers on these sites.

    And since when is a dire financial situation an excuse for lying, cheating and playing with someone’s emotions? Its not right in any circumstance! My Filipina wife (now deceased) grew up dirt poor and never, never, never lied, begged, cheated or resorted to prostitution. I’m talking ‘eating insect poor’ and living in a nipa hut in the province.

    That country has morally devolved over the last 30 years, just as the west has. There used to be good girls (REALLY good girls, and a few bad girls. The bad girls were runaway prositutes or victims of abuse. It was easy to tell the bad from the good, and you knew where you stood. I didn’t judge them, just used them for what they worth and what they were willing to do. You couldnot touch the millions of decent girls.

    Currently, it’s ambiguous. A stable home and family situation still yields lying, cheating, begging bitches who hide their pinoy boyfriends while you visit and try to put the entire barrio on your dole. Most of them will at least beg from you within a few minutes of chatting. REAL Filipinas will not do that, they would rather starve. But the 24/7 online hos, professional daters and cam girls have absolutely NO shame. Any girl who is online chatting day and night is fishing for a victim. I’ve heard the stories of those that fell for their crap.

    I woould almost say that 8 of 10 Pinay online are liars, scammers, beggers….. or crazy ladies. The things I’ve encountered are downright bizzarre and could fill volumes!

  5. Billy Bhoy says:

    Also, talk to them on cam and notice the background… and look at their facebook pics. Many of these girls are living in a block house with a metal roof and tile floors, have their own bedroom, have a flatscreen TV, wearing braces, dyed hair and texting on a 4G cellphone. Also poolside pics ot shots from a Boracay beach vacation… and a wardrobe that any western girl would envy.

    They may be poor by our standards, but they aren’t truly poor by WORLD standards as they were just a few decades ago.

    Yet… they will tell you in chat that they haven’t eaten in 3 days, etc.

  6. Pattaya says:

    I don’t like these internet dating scammers and such but I have to admit when a girl scams me into paying for her friends meal, get’s me to buy a new iphone or anything like that i’m just happy to do it. These girls are fun, scam me more please lol.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, Filipinas are great fun to talk to, and even more fun to meet in real life. One of my Asian gf’s took me in a boutique and made me buy her a $100 dress. My reaction when I saw her incredible figure in the dress? Well I couldn’t put a price on that. Too many guys complain about wasting their money on women, but if you’ve got something in return then why complain?

      • Who Knows says:

        ..She made you do it? And this is why so many men in America are pussies these days, and why a lot of them are forced to travel overseas now to find dates. Shit like that. Let me tell you this man, women never EVER make black guys do things for them. It’s outright impossible. But they find it ever so easy to do this stuff to White men mostly because their a lot more gulliable. Why do you think so many damn TV shows in America depict white guys being controlled by their wives? There are so many articles about this kind of stuff on now that’s a site worth looking into. Sadly the founder of it never mentions much about scammers or anything like that.

  7. bjr says:

    Great article, man, and 100% true. I know the one site you mentioned, Filipino Cupid, while it may be legit there are plenty of girls (or people claiming to be girls) who are looking for nothing but money or some hapless moron to screw over.

    Good stuff.

  8. john sander says:

    how can i find a website where i can actually list a scammer. i am searching all over without finding one.

    thanks john

    • admin says:

      Hi John,

      If you type somebody’s dating site profile into Google then you can sometimes find out if they’re listed on an anti-scammer site. Or use Google Image search to see if their photos are listed as being those used by scammers.

      Here’s a detailed article about some Filipina scam profiles I removed from AsianLoveConnections recently:

      In this article I’ll show you all the red flags that made me suspicious of the profiles.

  9. Scott says:

    lots of guys pretending to be women on these sites, only the other day was I chatting with someone, who turned out to be a guy! He gave it away with a pre configured iphone signature lol

    cool site mate cheers

  10. my story is I met Christina rose p santos from the Philippines from jan of this year she scammed me for 1,500 US dollars said she loved me sent pictures through email . I should have known better sending her money for rent .phone repair and card visa , and passport she supposedly sent me receipts and plane ticket young beautiful age 30 years old went to pick her up at San Fran airport no show I should have seen the red flags young beautiul wants to marry me have a famy but the flags were asking for money the believable part was she sent me receipts the flags were besides asking for money was getting robbed the plane was having problems then the cop story wich I don’t believe because the cop man was asking for money out of me and the taxi ride to airport and extra money the embassy what sold her story was she was convincing me of the receipts and said she loved me that really hurt I almost lost everything because of her instead of paying my bills I would give her the money when I told here we were on a budget she did not care as soon as I sent the money it would only take her a few minutes to get the money I knew she was taking me the poor house after awhile but what burned me up was taking a 6 hour ride to pick her up from my home I thought she was the one when I heard a man bought himself a bride from the Philippines she is a good woman that actually showed up they are very happy together the reason I signed up for that site is because you will find a faithful good wife loyal on the site oh boy was I wrong it was a hard lesson to learn alot of promises from her my story from California I am taking along break from this

  11. Mr. Fooled says:

    [Name Removed] was accused of scamming some years back through a romance website but managed to have it removed. At this point I think the accusation was with merit. The single biggest female liar I have ever met and the biggest cheater too! Cheating on me multiple times and always questioning me. I guess “thinkers are doers”! She has been chasing older men and now has gotten a chance of better teeth with new braces and now has also gotten a nose job all by money different from sponsors. She says she is seeking Love and a True partner for life but this is not the truth.

  12. Jon says:

    There is a filipina whore named Carol Macabinquel. She goes by the name of a Carol Ash, Ashley Denise, Carol Savuec. She uses whatsapp and cover but mostly skype. She makes up a sobbing story every time about her life being hard and having to support her family. Her father is deceased but shame on her for using her father saying she needed money to be sent via western union because her dad was hospitalized knowing he is deceased. She has all kinds of emergency issues like she’s sick and needs to go to the doctor … has no money … send money western union and she’s is good at telling person she loves them. .. she’s gonna change… she’s going to make better life and not do this but yet she’s on another social application with other men. She has men sending her gifts and money for her and her son and family. She likes to get money from men she sleeps with to buy things while her and her family continue to struggle and be in debt

  13. Jon says:

    She may also be referred to as Cora… she frequents the manila area and is known as a call girl or escort girl. You can find her on skype user Carol090215. ..or on Facebook as Carol Ash.

  14. Roei av says:

    Very good tips, I live in Thailand and think that it is all about the kind of people that you mess with from the beginning… If you get to know a girl from a website, application or some bar, the odds are against you. There are preliminary sign as well. A person that acts without showing much feeling or if you do not have much to talk about, this the worst sign. With time you learn to recognize the kind of person that you are dealing with. My best advice would be to take your time in romance and not rush into obligations. If the lady really wants you she would show patience, and then you will have many chance to test her loyalty.
    For visitors in Thailand I recommend Chiang Mai as the city with the most trustworthy girls. I met foreigners who actually find their true love in Chiang Mai.

    To visit Chiang Mai, I can recommend high standard rooms and budget monthly rooms:

    In Bangkok the phone applications like: Skout and Tinder are very useful and there are many normative girls who are just interested in a normal relationship.

    I wish everybody a happy new year!


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