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Thai Bride or Philippines Bride – Which is Best for YOU?

If you’re looking for an Asian wife or girlfriend, then the good news is that there’s a wealth of choice available to you. Whatever your age, a single Western man in Asia is a valuable commodity.

One major choice you will face is whether to look for a partner from either Thailand or the Philippines.

Usually this will come down to looks. Both countries are good for little brown girls.

Contrary to what many Western people might tell you, Asian women don’t all look the same! A visit to Thailand, China or the Philippines will confirm this!

Philippines women tend to be quite short and also very curvy. If you like breasts or booty then the Philippines is a great place for an oriental wife or girlfriend.

Thai women are quite variable, but the great thing about them is that they tend to keep their slim figures throughout life. Generally speaking, Western men tend to prefer the dark skinned Issan girls. Paler skinned girls of Chinese descent are also common in Thailand.

If you’re still not totally decided, then here are a few factors that might help you come to some sort of decision:

Whatever you decide, my top tip is to focus on a single country. Then read all you can about that country and its women. This will help you avoid romance scammers from that country, as well as allow you to focus on finding the best possible Asian partner for you.

Availability of Women

Both Thailand and the Philippines are good places to find Asian brides

Both Thailand and the Philippines are good places to find Asian brides

To be honest, there’s no problem with availability of either Thai or Filipino women. These two nationalities are arguably the most numerous on Asian dating websites. Chinese women are also very numerous.

As an example, on AsianKisses there are 8270 Filipino women members who are between the ages of 25 and 35. By comparison there are 1183 Thais.

On FilipinoKisses there are 14650 Filipinas between the age of 25 – 35. On ThaiKisses there are 6866 Thai women in the same age range.

So there aren’t quite so many Thai women around as there are Filipinas. But this can be a little deceptive.

Since Philippines languages use a romanised alphabet and English is more widely spoken, Filipinas find it generally much easier to sign themselves up to Internet based dating sites. By comparison, Thai women (particularly mature Thai women) can find it hard to use a computer by themselves.

Availability of Younger Brides

To be honest, it’s not going to be too hard to find a much younger bride from either countries.

Many men seeking Thai or Philippines mail order brides tend to choose women who are 20 – 25 years their junior.

It’s worth being careful with girls under the age of 30 – they’re more likely to be romance scammers.

Women from both countries will tell you that they consider themselves to be old women by the age of 28! So they’re often less fussy about the age of their future partner.


Christianity is fairly widespread throughout Asia, especially in the Philippines

Christianity is fairly widespread throughout Asia, especially in the Philippines

One key difference between Thailand and the Philippines is that the Philippines is predominantly Christian. By comparison, most Thais (especially the types of women Western men like to marry) are Buddhists or follow other Asian religions.

If you’re a Christian man yourself and religion is a big part of your life then a Filipino bride might be a better choice. Just bear in mind that the Christianity followed in the Philippines does have more than its fair share of local influences and superstitions.

Personally I’m not that religious myself. I like the Buddhist women I’ve dated, because while they’re often quite religious, mostly this just involves a quick visit to a temple and a couple of minutes of prayer and quiet contemplation.

On the downside, you’ll find that Buddhists tend to believe in reincarnation. Why does this matter? Well they’re great believers in fate, and this often results in them taking huge risks in life. Be careful getting into a car with a Buddhist – they will often drive recklessly simply because they believe that if fate has decided they’ll die in a horrible accident on a Thai freeway then there’s not really much they can do to escape their fate!

Language and Cultural Differences

English is more widely spoken in the Philippines, so your odds of finding an English speaking Filipino bride are much better.

Having said that, Thai Love Links has plenty of profiles of women who claim to speak good English.

Asia is a fascinating place to visit, whether you decide on Thailand, the Philippines or China

Asia is a fascinating place to visit, whether you decide on Thailand, the Philippines or China

Whichever country you choose, you’ll find that the better English an Asian woman speaks, the more choosy she can be about her choice of future husband. I’ve certainly found this true with the Chinese women I’ve dated (and on many cases, been turned down by!)

Cultural differences between Asia and Western countries are immense. Whichever country you choose to visit in search of a partner, make sure you read up as much as you can on that country’s culture.

I’d say that the Philippines is generally more Westernised than Thailand. This is largely thanks to long periods of American involvement with the Philippines.

On the other hand, Thailand has a much larger tourism industry, so Thai people are very used to seeing Westerners.

I’d say that visiting either Thailand or the Philippines wouldn’t cause you too much problems as far as the culture goes. If you want more of an adventure then I can recommend doing what I did and look for a bride from central China! In the ten days I was there, I saw maybe a dozen foreigners. In Western Hubei Province I was practically a celebrity. One time I got my shoes shined by a local migrant worker, and a small crowd formed.

Ease of Travel

Thailand is a popular vacation destination, so you’ll find it easier to find direct flights to Thailand. On the downside, prices rise during the peak season (coinciding with Winter in the Northern Hemisphere).

Most international flights to Thailand go to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. From there you can get connecting flights to Pattaya, Chiang Mai and other popular destinations.

The Philippines can be a little more tricky. I couldn’t find any direct flights from the UK to the Philippines. If I wanted to visit the Philippines, I’d have to change in either Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Hong Kong.

If you live near another major international hub then you might have more luck finding a direct flight to the Philippines.

Cathay Pacific fly regular connecting flights from Hong Kong to Manila and Cebu

Cathay Pacific fly regular connecting flights from Hong Kong to Manila and Cebu

My tip for Philippines travel is to find a flight to Hong Kong, then use the Cathay Pacific connecting flights to Philippines cities such as Manila or Cebu.

Not sure where to find the best women in Thailand or the Philippines?

For Thailand I reckon Chiang Mai is the best place. The women of Northern Thailand are very beautiful, and Chiang Mai is an interesting city to visit. You’ll also find it a lot less frenetic than Bangkok.

For the Philippines, Manila is worth experiencing. There’s the fun nightlife of Angeles City, and an endless urban sprawl to explore.

But if you’re not a city person, then Cebu might be a better choice. The airport is close to the downtown area, and the coastline along the island of Cebu offers some fabulous sub-tropical paradises. Cebu also has a good nightlife district, and some of the most beautiful Asian women you could ever imagine.

So these are a few factors to consider if you’re not sure you want either a Thai or a Filipino wife or girlfriend. The good news is that there is an abundance of simply wondrous women in both countries.

Enjoy your Asian dating experience as much as I have!

Thai or Filipino – which is better? If you have any suggestions then leave your comments below.

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    GREAT post. I like it when a guy has an OPINION, states things clearly like you have. Are you available for a personal consult? Please let me know if you are!

    — BamBam

    • admin says:

      Hey BamBam,

      I’ve had another go at starting a forum for guys interested in dating Asian women. Check it out at yes it’s a site about Thai brides but it covers other Asian countries as well.

      You (or any other lurkers) can post any questions there and I’ll try my best to answer them.

  2. Maybe you are right or maybe you are wrong ain’t this all after the experience one has gained after knowing people.


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