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The Top 5 Filipina Dating Sites

If you’re interested in finding a Filipina mail order bride then it’s essential that you search for her using one of the top rated Filipina dating sites around. Here are my recommendations for Filipina dating sites worth using, plus my main reasons for recommending them.

1. Filipino Cupid (Filipina Heart)

Filipino Cupid is the No. 1 Filipina dating site, and by some considerable distance.

Why do I love this site? Well firstly there are loads of members, and it’s easy to find girls who you want to chat to. The site’s operators Cupid Media claim that the site has over 1.5 million members. Not only that but apparently there are two women for every male member!

Like the other Cupid Media sites, the quality of the members is outstanding. This is the best site to use if you want to find professional English speaking Pinays who have reasonable careers and who could easily get a decent job after marriage.

It’s also the slickest and most professional Filipina dating site around. The search engine is fantastic and helps you find that beautiful needle in the haystack of hundreds of thousands of Filipina single ladies. The matchmaking feature also does a good job of highlighting girls that you might be interested in. There are plenty of useful list features that allow you to spot girls who are interested in you, and you can easily keep track of all your favorite girls.

On the downside, yes there are scammers on this site! If you’re an older American guy in particular then the scammers will be particularly interested in you. Fear not though, because they’re not too difficult to spot. Keep your wallet closed and don’t get distracted by Filipina girls outside your age range or in a city you don’t want to visit. Also disable the chat facility and set your online status to offline, so that random Filipinas don’t pop up and start chatting to you.


Asian is pretty much identical to Filipina Heart, except that there are ladies from a much wider range of Asian countries. Now, if you’re 100% sure you want a Filipina wife, then sign up to Filipina Heart. However, if you’re not sure you want to go for a Filipina, then join Asian Dating instead. There are a very large number of Filipina ladies on Asian Dating. And they’re joined from ladies from Thailand and China. You’ll also find exotic oriental ladies from other countries you might not have considered, like Vietnam and Cambodia.

By the way – if you’re not sure about which country you want to find an Asian bride from, then use this free Asian wife finder tool to give you some ideas.

3. Cherry Blossoms

Like Asian Dating, Blossoms is another good site to look at if you’re not totally sure about finding a Filipina bride. You’ll find Thai girls, Filipinas and girls from a wide range of countries. Filipinas are the most numerous ladies on this site, so you’ll have no particular problems finding some cute girls you like the look of.

On top of this, Blossoms has a very competitive membership fee, and you’ll never be short of sexy Asian girls to chat to on this site.

On the downside, scammers can be a problem. The site operators are quick to respond to reports of scamming activity, but that doesn’t help you if you’ve already mailed your life savings to somebody via Western Union. Please, please, please don’t ever send money to Asian girls – it doesn’t help you improve your chances of attracting the right type of girls that are worth marrying. Show your love for a girl in other ways. Send her small gifts like plushies and chocolates, stay up all night chatting to her. Send her photos of your life. But don’t send her money!

4. DateInAsia

Want to find a beautiful Filipina girlfriend? There are a wide range of Filipina chat sites where you can find the new love of your life

Want to find a beautiful Filipina girlfriend? There are a wide range of Filipina chat sites where you can find the new love of your life

Yay – this is a 100% free dating site. So you don’t even need to pay to chat to Filipina girls you meet on this site.

On the downside, this site has a rubbish search engine and other features are very basic. It’s also worth bearing in mind that there are loads of scammers and undesirable ladies on this site. I tried to look for some ladies worth visiting in China, but all I found were crazy ladies and prostitutes!

So whatever you do, don’t send money to anyone you meet on this site, and take care to weed out the non-marriage material. You’re a man, and if you want a wife then you need to be good at spotting the decent ladies whichever country she’s from.

So there are the five Filipina dating sites that are worth considering if you want to find a Filipina wife on the internet.

5. Asian Love Connections

Disclaimer: I own this Asian dating website!

Why pay for a Filipino dating site when you can meet Filipinas on my site for free?

Asian Love Connections offers the usual search facilities you’ll find on other more expensive sites. And I’ve literally worked  my ass off building a sophisticated anti-scam system to keep the site clean.

Runner Up – AFA/LoveMe

A Foreign Affair have a network of mail order bride themed sites that are run under various brands including AFA, Foreign Ladies and LoveMe.

I’ll be the first to admit that these sites are quite expensive. I’m not a huge fan of translator letter writing sites, especially since so many Pinays can speak and write good English. And why pay for contacting Pinay girls when you can contact them for free on DateInAsia or on Asian Love Connections?

AFA get an honourable mention here by virtue of them offering several Philippines romance tours every year. If you can afford it then this is a great way to visit the Philippines and have some hand holding in your search for a Filipina wife. Visiting the Philippines on your own is a daunting task. To this day I can’t even believe I visited the middle of China on my own. In hindsight it was beyond crazy. If you haven’t travelled extensively then romance tours are a great idea.

Even if you don’t find love on the tour (which seems pretty unlikely!), then you’ll be totally set up for future wife finding visits to the Phillies on your own. And the other guys you’ll meet on the trip could become lifelong friends.

LoveMe have some great tour photos posted on their website – have a good browse of these and you’ll see that a Philippines romance tour could be the greatest week or two of your life!

Disclaimer: I have affiliate relationships with some of these websites, which means that they pay me commission should you sign up to them using links on this site. But be rest assured that I only establish relationships with companies whose services I would be happy to use and pay for myself. I am a member of a number of the Cupid Media dating sites, and I have actually visited ladies I found on the site. I did consider joining Cherry Blossoms, but its selection of Chinese ladies isn’t as good as available on other sites. I did almost attend an AFA romance tour, but I pulled out in favor of organising my own trip. Both DateInAsia and Asian Love Connections are totally free and have no affiliate schemes.

4 Responses to “The Top 5 Filipina Dating Sites”

  1. Geoff says:

    Good blog with some well done reviews. We would love you to review Love and Promise one day.

  2. Russ says:

    Thanks. Very interesting reading, will have saved me time and money.

  3. anonymous says:

    dunno’ who created this “blog” . . . does not even host his name. is nothing but a bloody “rip-off” . . . in every sense of the word. and, as such, i would question the integrity of this web-site host.

    avoid at all costs . . . this punk is just getting benefits to endorse this crap.

    >>> 5. Asian Love Connections
    >>> Disclaimer: I own this Asian dating website!
    stop bullshitting people . . . get a life !

    • admin says:

      To “anonymous”…

      Filipino Cupid is a great and 100% legitimate dating site, and I’ve met (yes I really have met, in real life) some wonderful women on its sister site Chinese Love Links. I’ve no hesitation in endorsing them.

      I mention my own site AsianLoveConnections because while there are far fewer Filipinas on this site, they’re just as lovely as the ladies on Filipino Cupid, plus you can chat to them for $0 – unlike Filipino Cupid which will cost you $29.95 for a month’s membership.

      I built and run AsianLoveConnections as anyone who can do a little bit of digging will be able to find out. Unlike some shady dating sites I’ve never hidden my domain registration and my site is owned by a fully registered Ltd company.


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