Are You Talking to a Filipina Dating Site Scammer? Find Out Here!

Are you talking to a scammer on a Philippines dating site? Fill out the form below to get a rough idea of how likely it is that you're talking to a scammer.

All results are anonymous, and this data is not saved anywhere.

Remember that when it comes to people, nothing is black and white. Having said that, there are certain characteristics that make it much more likely that you're being targeted by a romance scammer.

If you want to help other men avoid scammers on Asian dating sites, then post your result score in the comments section below, plus whether you think you were talking to a scammer or not.

By the way, if you're not sure about the answer to a question, then enter no, and consider finding out the answer from your girl.

Scammer Questionnaire

Your age
Her age
Have you met her in person? Yes   No
What is her English like? Good   Average   Poor
Does she have a job? Yes   No
Does she work in a bar? Yes   No
Does she live with her family? Yes   No
Is she a ladyboy? Yes   No   I'm Not Sure
Has she told you how hard her life is in the Philippines? Yes   No
Is the girl living in Africa or the Middle East, or does she claim to be on vacation in these regions? Yes   No
Have you seen the girl on a live webcam session? Yes   No
Did she contact you first? Yes   No
Is she looking for a man of any age (i.e. 18-80)? Yes   No
Has she told you that she can meet you in a country that isn't the Philippines? Yes   No
Has she told you about investing in the Philippines? Yes   No
Does she use the dating site every single day? Yes   No
Does she have any photos on her dating site profile? Yes   No
Are her dating site profile photos quite sexy? Yes   No
Has she asked you to chat to her on a different website? Yes   No
Has the girl asked you for money? Yes   No

5 Responses to “Are You Talking to a Filipina Dating Site Scammer? Find Out Here!”

  1. Joseph Vogler says:

    I have only slight suspicion because of our age diffewrence, and I can not esteblish an e-mail contact. I have an e-mail addresse with her name but they get returned ,undelivereable. Also an aquaintance informed me that it is very difficult for her to obtain a Visa for the purpose of coming to Canada, to get to know each other. difficult to the point of hopeless

    • JV says:

      Found the woman on yahoo messenger 4 years ago. The woman is now age 53 while I’m 63. Mostly like to just meet the woman and just to see how she is like. She seems alright I just need to be sure.
      I don’t believe she is a gold digger because she knows already knows about me being a retired factory worker and other things in my background.

  2. Joseph Vogler says:

    I have a slight suspicion, because of our age-difference
    I can not establishe-mail contact, I have an e-mail addresse, with her name on it but these e-mails get returned undeliverable
    I was informed by anaquaintance that he married a Filipina in the Philipines 16 month ago, and it seem to him next to impossible to bring here to Canada

  3. just a jerk says:

    took the test, 22%. Was she a scammer? yes and no, a matter of perspective. She was a cam girl, wanted money, and I paid for what I got. She lied about most things, especially other dates. Did not pay a lot, did my homework. I met her, yes we had sex, but no, we did not hit it off. I had feelings for her, feelings of pity. Next time, I will stick to the bar girls, and the short time girls.

  4. Dave says:

    Analy Gonzales. is Married lives with her husband. she will meet you, she will have sex with you, and she will scam you. she will send naked pics She lives in Negros. I would load a pic of her but unable to


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